VA ASLA Working Committees

We are looking for members to participate on VA-ASLA committees, including  the Audit, Awards, Constitutiona nd Bylaws, Education, Events, Fellows, Government Affairs, Member Services, and Sponsorship committees.

We are asking you to consider volunteering a small amount of your time to invest in the profession and your career.  This means our chapter can grow and provide more benefits for its’ members but still respect your time.  Please volunteer and we will work with you and the time you can devote.  These opportunities are good for your resume, making connections, working with people dedicated to promoting landscape architecture and enhancing your career.

Please contact the committee liaison listed below or the Chapter Administrator, Kevin Bayes, for details of each committee and to discuss how you can get involved.

Audit Committee
Chris Hale, ASLA (Liaison)

Awards Committee
Mike Fox, ASLA (Liaison)
Terry Clements, ASLA

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Mike Fox, ASLA (Liaison)
Jarrod Katzer, ASLA

Education Committee
Missy Benson, ASLA (Liaison)
Jason Thomas, ASLA (Chair)

Emerging Professionals
Walt Cole, ASLA (Liasion)
Erin Horton, ASLA (Chair)

Event Committee
Missy Benson, ASLA (Liaison)
Walt Cole, ASLA

Fellows Committee
Missy Benson, ASLA (Liaison)
LuGay Lanier, FASLA

Government Affairs Committee
Walt Cole, ASLA (Liaison)
Billy Almond, FASLA
Ti Johnson, ASLA
Rob McGinnis, FASLA

Member Services Committee
Walt Cole, ASLA (Liaison)
Lynn Crump, ASLA (Chair)

Nomination Committee
Missy Benson, ASLA (Liaison)

Public Relations Committee  
Walter Cole, ASLA (Liaison)
Jenn Hare, ASLA (Chair)

Sponsorship Committee
Chris Hale, ASLA (Liaison)
Missy Benson, ASLA

Tellers Committee
Mike Fox, ASLA (Liaison)