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Virginia Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects



Virginia electronic Landscape Architecture News Digest

Winter 2008 - Volume 1, Issue 1






11 March 2008

VA-ASLA ExComm Meeting –

Conference Call


4 April 2008

VA-ASLA Spring Conference on

Regenerative Design

Richmond, VA



Julia Monteith and Mary Hughes

Eugene Ryang

Tom Jacobson

Susan Block

Rob Winstead and Pete O’ Shea

Beth Meyer

David Hirschman


Kennon Williams


April is


13 May 2008

VA-ASLA ExComm Meeting –


10 June 2008

VA-ASLA ExComm Meeting –

Conference Call



On April 13, 2007, the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (VA-ASLA) held a joint Conference with the Potomac Chapter of the ASLA entitled Green Urbanism.  The Conference was held at George Washington’s River Farm on the southern bank of the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia.  The following speakers presented during the full day Conference dedicated to the latest theories and methods for creating sustainable urban environments.


Kristina Hill directs the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Virginia. She teaches and consults in the US and internationally on the subjects of urban design, urban landscapes, water infrastructure, and urban ecology. Her primary questions are whether and how the ecological performance of cities can be significantly changed by the re-design of spaces and infrastructure systems, and whether this can be accomplished in ways that are meaningful to and supported by urban citizens.


Heather Whitlow is the Director of Planning Design at Casey Trees in Washington DC.  Casey Trees is a non-profit established in 2001 to restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the District.  Heather works closely with City and federal agencies, consultant teams and developers to promote policies, designs and construction techniques that preserve and increase the District’s tree canopy and green infrastructure. 


Sarah Richardson is the Land Conservation Coordinator at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Sarah graduated from the William & Mary School of Law and became a member of the Virginia Bar in 2001; she received a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1989.  Her professional background includes horticulture, land-use planning and real-estate law.


Kevin J. Tankersley, ASLA is a principal in LandDesign’s Washington, DC office.  He is a LEED accredited landscape architect with twenty years experience, responsible for managing projects ranging from community master plans to entitlements to detailed landscape and hardscape design and construction drawings.


That evening the Virginia Chapter held our 2007 Biennial Professional and Student Awards Program and Dinner at the Old Town Alexandria Hilton.  As the dinner wrapped, Terry Clements began to present the awards program.


(Continued below.)







5 March 2008

No Tree Left Behind –

Care and Maintenance for Trees of All Ages

Roanoke, VA


Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Many Cities – Many Dates!

30 April – 2 May 2008

Sixth Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference, Awards and Trade Show


The VA-ASLA Spring Conference is ONE MONTH AWAY!


Online Registration Available


Regenerative Design

There are many definitions for "sustainable" as it pertains to design. However, by coupling the word with "regenerative", a broader approach to ecologically responsible design is achieved. Here, "sustainable" is understood as maintaining the things we have where as "regenerative" is retrieving the things we have lost. Together, through these new strategies for design, environmental damage related to the design and other professions not only can be lessened, it can be reversed. Design can be used as a healing enterprise, as a way to make things better. This is not only a challenge. In today's world, it has become an imperative.

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January VA-ASLA ExComm Meeting Highlights:

·      Carol Rizzio and Nancy Rodrique have agreed to attend the workshop Bill Truby Leadership Workshop Feb. 28-29th in Chicago on behalf of VA-ASLA.

·      Seventh Annual ASLA Licensure and Advocacy Summit will be held June 20-22, 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin.

·      Kevin Barnes sent out the Annual Message from the President for the ExComm to review.

·      Barry Frankenfield’s Fellow’s nomination package to be submitted to National ASLA by the Mar. 15th deadline.

·      Licensure Committee, Rob McGinnis, reported on a number of items of interest.  Contact Billy Almond or Rob for further information.

·      Membership, Tom Derrickson, reported there will be future LARE prep sessions by VA-ASLA, highly successful.

·      Motion to establish the Merchant Account as described by Barry Frankenfield is unanimously passed, allowing VA-ASLA to accept credit and/or debit cards.

·      Kevin Barnes, signed 6-month contract with Teri Commander to begin Chapter Coordinator duties.


December VA-ASLA ExComm Meeting Highlights:

·      Professional awards video is available for free downloading and viewing online by category: Residential Design, Research, The Landmark Award, General Design, Communications, and Analysis & Planning.

·      LAM has an article on a green roof on an older apartment building in Virginia which shows the potential for low-cost retrofits.  

·      Thursday Nov. 15th Rob McGinnis state APELSCIDLA board meeting and Public Meeting Comment to discuss the ability of Landscape Architects to seal site plans since the approval of House Bill 521 stating that reviewing agencies “shall” accept plans submitted by Landscape Architects.

·      Fellows Nomination, LuGay Lanier, Barry Frankenfield is nominated for Fellows by Barry Starke, 9 vote: 8 support, 1 abstain.

·      Communications, Carol Rizzio - Website Re-Launch: update server, change over to new website.

·      Membership, Tom Derrickson - What could we do if VA ASLA got members together as a regional group?  2005 events survey showed that retention is as important as recruiting new members.


The nominations were juried by members of the South Carolina ASLA.  These awards recognize Excellence, Exemplary  Performance, and Significant Contributions within the landscape architecture profession of the Commonwealth of Virginia; encourage the application of visionary and progressive solutions to the issues, problems and opportunities challenging landscape architects; and provide a forum for the review and evaluation of work currently shaping our environment.


The following is only a brief summary of the award winners.  Please go to 2007 VA-ASLA AWARDS for much more information.  Also, in 2008 we plan to begin a Virginia Chapter ASLA Membership Directory and Awards Recognition Publication.  These award winners are long overdue the recognition they deserve.  This will become a biennial publication celebrating the award winning work of our members.



General Design - Professional Category

Merit Awards

Community Chalkboard and Podium: a monument to free expression

Charlottesville, Virginia

Landscape Architect: Siteworks

Discovery Communications Headquarters

Silver Spring, Maryland

Landscape Architect: EDAW

Honor Awards

The Dell at the University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia

Landscape Architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz

National Zoological Park Asia Trial

Washington, D.C.

Landscape Architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz

Elevation 314

General Design Special Commendation for Sustainable Design

Tacoma Area, Washington, D.C.

Landscape Architect: Land + Form

Research Category

Merit Awards

McCormick Road and Pavilion Alleys Historic Landscape Studies

Charlottesville, Virginia

Landscape Architect: John Milner Associates

Discovery Communications Headquarters

Silver Spring, Maryland

Landscape Architect: EDAW

General Design - Student Category

Merit Award


Town of Norton, Virginia

Landscape Architecture Student: Nathaniel B. Brown, VA Tech

Analysis and Planning Category

Merit Awards

Capitol Square Landscape Master Plan

Richmond, Virginia

Landscape Architect: Rhodeside & Harwell

Guantang Chuangye Park: New Town Concept Master Plan

Chuangye, China

Landscape Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Honor Awards

California Institute of Technology: Landscape Master Plan

Pasadena, California

Landscape Architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz

Award of Excellence

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian

Washington, D.C.

Landscape Architect: EDAW






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Jury Recognizes The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay for “Non-Typical” Design, Environmental Sensitivity

Vienna, VA (October 3, 2007) – Lewis Scully Gionet, a Vienna, Va.-based planning and landscape architecture firm, has earned a Merit Award from the Pennsylvania/Delaware chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for the firm’s design of The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, a luxury waterfront resort/residential community in Millsboro, Del.

The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay was developed on a 788-acre site consisting of fields surrounded by woods and wetlands.  Design of the community optimized use of the former agricultural land and minimized impact on the site’s 225 acres of wetlands—ultimately disturbing only 1.6 acres.

In addition to addressing environmental issues, Lewis Scully Gionet was challenged to create a signature community with a distinctive, inviting sense of place.  An artful blending of the land’s natural features along with the new built elements was paramount to the success of the development, and included extensive water resources planning to incorporate creative approaches to stormwater management.  Rather than traditional retention ponds, features include bio-swales, bio-filters, bio-retention areas, and wetlands.  The design also allowed for the preservation of large stands of trees, improvements to existing beaches, and the development of a scenic boardwalk and trail system that winds through woodland and waterfront acreage.

Amenities at The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay include the Lakeside Village community center and shopping area and the Peninsula Golf Club.  Lakeside Village features an aquatic playground with a water slide tower, a vanishing edge adult pool, a wave lagoon, and several four season spas.  Public spaces also include shops, restaurants, and a fitness center.

Lewis Scully Gionet was responsible for landscape architecture and construction-related services for the entire development, including design of the aquatic playground.  The firm coordinated closely with civil and environmental engineers throughout the project.  Additional highlights include the “gateway” entry, featuring formal plantings, custom fencing, a fountain, and retaining walls of dressed sandstone; and the Esplanade, a pair of divided one-lane roads that wind through the community and are designed as old estate-style drives that optimize views of the landscape.  A nature center, accessed via the boardwalk and pier system, features educational programs and outdoor interpretive areas, as well as a deck, fire pit, and kayak pond.

In presenting the award, the jury noted that The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay was “a very non-typical, large-scale development that counters the notion of environmental damage impacts with runoff, pesticides, and reduction of wetlands.  This project has a very nice sense of scale for something this large…it delivers what was promised—not an easy thing to do.”

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VA-ASLA Members and Colleagues –


On September 11, 2007 Terry Clements attended her last Executive Committee (ExComm) meeting as an active officer.  Terry has served in some capacity on the ExComm since 1993, most recently as our Trustee.  Whether you recognize it or not, we have all benefited from Terry’s dedication and passion for our profession.  I could go on to provide a synopsis of all Terry has done for us, but my message should look forward.  Terry’s concerns for our Chapter are expressed in her closing notes.  I’ve chosen to include these notes as a part of my message to you, our members and colleagues, to provide a foundation, rather a challenge for the year.


Terry Clement’s Notes on VA-ASLA from the September 11, 2007 ExComm Meeting at UVA:


"This fall's BOT meeting [in San Francisco] is the last where I will be representing Virginia and today's meeting is my last Executive Committee meeting as the sitting trustee. It has been a pleasure to serve as trustee.  This fall represents a change for me, as I've served in some capacity on the Executive Committee almost continuously since 1993 when I moved to Virginia to start teaching at Virginia Tech.  Throughout this entire time, I've been very fortunate to have wonderful mentors: Barry Starke, Patrick Miller and Rob McGinnis; and fabulous colleagues: Vaughn Rinner, Dick Gibbons and Billy Almond.  They share common characteristics that exemplify a commitment to the profession and the quality of their personal integrity.  They are committed to the society values promoting and supporting the profession of landscape architecture.  They give their time, passion and abilities to the profession.  They stand by their commitments.  You can trust each at their word and that they will follow through and complete those things that they've committed themselves to.  What wonderful role models for service and as individuals.


Now that I am moving to a regular member status, I have a couple of requests of the VA ASLA Executive Committee. I suspect that these come from many other chapter members.

·          Do something to demonstrate the value of my monthly dues on a regular basis;

·          Let me know what's going on, what the chapter is doing and what issues I should be paying attention to;

·          Plan events and publicize them enough in advance so that I can plan on attending, and remind me as the date approaches;

·          Provide a summary of those events that I can't attend;

·          Silence is not healthy to our organization. I am a member because of what the ASLA stands for. I want to know what the chapter is doing; and

·          When a task is at hand, tell me what you need and ask me to assist."


As our Chapter looks toward the coming year, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few initiatives I plan implement to work toward meeting Terry’s challenge.


·          Sponsorship Program

During the fall of 2007 a few members of the ExComm formed a Short-Term Sponsorship Committee to design an Annual Sponsorship Program for our Chapter.  We completed the Annual Sponsorship Package in December and began making calls to potential sponsors.  A successful Annual Sponsorship Program should provide a solid financial base allowing our Chapter to offer more opportunities to our members.  Now that we have developed a package, we plan to continue an Annual Sponsorship Program year after year.

·          Chapter Coordinator

Again, during the fall of 2007 the ExComm interviewed and worked with Teri Commander, of Chesapeake, to assist with assembling our Annual Sponsorship Package.  As we worked with Teri on this specific project, we hoped to gain some comfort with her organizational experience and knowledge of association building.  Teri’s resume and experience are long and polished, most recently serving as the Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Chapter of AIA.  I am pleased to report Teri will be supporting us as Chapter Coordinator in 2008.  She will play a key role in the operations of our association.   As Teri begins her tenure with our association, I’m certain each of you will detect a significant change in the effectiveness of VA-ASLA.

·          V-LAnd (Virginia electronic Landscape Architecture news digest)

Establish regular quarterly email communications informing our members of upcoming events, highlighting Landscape Architects in local news or projects of interest, providing brief summaries of events occurring in the previous quarter, and any important news from the ExComm.  I plan to roll out the first issue in the Winter of 2008.  V-LAnd will also provide another opportunity for our sponsors to air their messages to our members.

·          Awards Recognition and Membership Directory Publication

This will be the most time consuming initiative, but well worth the effort.  Our 2007 Award winners are long overdue the recognition they deserve.  The publication will show off the award winners’ work, provide an alphabetical listing of individual members and associates, and provide another avenue for our sponsors to advertise their messages to all this publication will come in contact with.  The first publication will undoubtedly be the most difficult, but once we establish a template we can build on, the others to follow will be easier to develop.  This will become a biennial publication celebrating the award winning work of our members.

·          CIP Grant Application

It has been over five (5) years since VA-ASLA has sought grant funds from National ASLA’s Chapter Initiative Program.  The goal of the Chapter Initiatives Program is to provide ASLA chapters with financial resources to develop grassroots projects to help implement the ASLA strategic plan and advance the profession of landscape architecture.  Through this program, chapters may receive matching funds for projects through ASLA to complement money already raised by the Chapter.  In August of 2008, I plan to work with the ExComm and Teri Commander to submit for a grant.  We will develop an initiative focusing on growing the profession in Virginia to be implemented in 2009.


There is a need for several other initiatives concentrating on visibility and communication.  However, I feel as a volunteer organization we need to begin small, and implement a strong foundation of programs to build stability and strength.


Last but not least, during 2008 our Licensure Committee will be working hard to protect, if not advance, our practice’s status.  Our Licensure Committee, headed by Billy Almond and Rob McGinnis, has already made tremendous strides, but we will all need to do everything we can to support this important committee.


After reading through Terry Clements’ closing notes and the initiatives we plan to undertake in 2008, I hope each of you feel the desire to channel any enthusiasm for our profession into action.  Visit our re-launched website at and visit the Project Opportunities heading.  Also, feel free to contact me to find out how you can show your passion for Landscape Architecture.


Have a great 2008!


Kevin T. Barnes, CLA, ASLA

© 2008 Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects