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Member Spotlight – June 2016
This month we are pleased to honor our two new Fellows: Lucy Lawliss, ASLA and Elizabeth Sargent, ASLA. 

Lucy Lawliss, ASLA
National Park Service (Retired)
Bradenton, Florida

Lucy Lawliss, of the National Park Service, received her nomination, for Leadership/Management, from the Virginia Chapter. As the first historical landscape architect hired by NPS, in 1991, she rose to national leadership and managed some of our country’s most treasured landscapes. Her career has ranged from regional cultural landscape program manager, to superintendent of three national parks and as the national NPS program manager in Washington, D.C. She has also authored and edited award-winning publications and served on influential national boards, which includes her tenure as board chair for the National Association for Olmsted Parks. She has also participated as a consultant to protect and promote nationally and internationally significant landscapes. She has put to good use her ability to enlighten fellow professionals, politicians and the general public on the meaning, value and importance of landscape preservation.

Liz Sargent photo[1]Elizabeth A. Sargent, ASLA
Liz Sargent HLA
Charlottesville, Virginia

Elizabeth Sargent, of Liz Sargent HLA, received her nomination, in Works, from the Virginia Chapter. With a background in botany, American history and landscape architecture, she has been a steward to America’s most important places, including nine of America’s 22 World Heritage Sites, 33 National Historic Landmark properties and more than 50 National Parks, shaping places as diverse as Mount Vernon, the Everglades, the Salk Institute and Valley Forge. She is adept at capturing the essence of landscapes and important features in ways that make sense to interdisciplinary teams. The view she articulates is that landscapes are shaped over time by the intersection of natural systems and human intervention. Her ecological approach to cultural landscapes management and preservation engages all disciplines with which she works. Her scholarly research, eloquent writing and practical and creative approaches to historic landscapes are remarkable.

The full announcement on both Fellows is here on ASLA’s website.

Member Spotlight – March 2016
Matthew N. Gart, ASLA

Matt has just retired as a campus landscape architect.


Matt led a fabulous group tour of the Virginia Tech campus during our VA ASLA 2015 Fall Conference:  “Tour of Sustainable Landscape Initiatives at Virginia Tech”.  We received rave reviews of his great tour and appreciate Matt’s contribution to VA ASLA as a tour leader.

Matt is now a lead designer for Roanoke Parks.

We wish Matt the best in his new role!

Member Spotlight – January 2016
Barry Frankenfield, FASLA

Barry FrankenfieldBarry Frankenfield, a 30-year veteran of Virginia Beach city government, was named the new director of the Virginia Beach Department of Planning & Community Development on December 21, 2015. Frankenfield had been interim director since July, when he stepped in for retiring director Jack Whitney.

“I can’t think of anyone who knows more about Virginia Beach and all its future needs than Barry,” Spore said. “He has been deeply involved with so many important city projects, and his background covers such a wide range of disciplines. Barry is the perfect person to lead Virginia Beach’s planning for the future.”

Frankenfield joined the city in 1985 as a resort planner. Frankenfield is a licensed landscape architect, a fellow in the American Society of Landscape Architects, a certified planner, a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a LEED Accredited Professional. He holds a master’s degree from the Conway School of Landscape Design and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

We want to congratulate Barry on his new appointment.