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BPOR is currently undertaking a study to determine if landscape architects should continue to be licensed. The study will be completed in December 2020. BPOR is inviting public comments regarding the regulatory status of landscape architects.

Please see the BPOR Notice for Public Comments on the need to regulate select professions/occupations including landscape architects.

Public Comment closed 9/30/20. 

ASLA Virginia and ASLA Potomac are calling on Virginia and Potomac chapter members as well as non-ASLA landscape architects to:

1. Contact your clients, architects and engineers that you work with, developers, government officials, and others who value the work of licensed landscape architects and ask them to submit their comments including stating support for continued licensure of landscape architects. Include this link: Notice for Public Comments to access the General Notice. The General Notice includes a link “Comment Forum” that provides access to the Public Comment portal; and

2. Please enter your personal statement of support for continued licensure of landscape architects via the Public Comment Portal.

Click Here for more information regarding the Impacts of Deregulation of Landscape Architects in Virginia.

Click Here for public hearing talking points to use in your public comments as well as share with your colleagues, clients, architects, engineers, and others who you are requesting to make a public comment.

Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation: Study of the Regulatory Status of Landscape Architects - Information from the VA ASLA Government Affairs Committee

Click here to read about it.

Advocacy is a critical component of VA ASLA. The Government Affairs Committee is dedicated to monitoring issues related to the practice of Landscape Architecture in the Commonwealth of Virginia and to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of the public and environment. 

The Chapter regularly tracks legislation and works with a lobbyist to keep abreast of legislation that directly and indirectly pertains to the practice of Landscape Architecture in the Commonwealth. 

Check for news here and find more information on the ASLA Advocacy Page.

Thank you for your support of the Virginia Chapter's Advocacy Initiative. Your support will help us secure your right to practice in the state of Virginia. 


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