Virginia ASLA Committee Volunteer Roles

Committees Required by ASLA By-Laws

*Committees led by Executive Committee Members

       Audit Committee



       Constitution & By-laws

2024-2025 Recruitment

VA ASLA is currently recruiting volunteers for the following committees:

       Business Committee

       Programs Committee

       Member Support Committee

       Outreach & Engagement Committee

       Marketing & Communications Committee

Committee Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Note: Committee members are recruited annually, typically from May to July and will begin their volunteer service in the summer. Volunteers serve for one (1) year with the opportunity to continue in their committee roles for up to five years. Typical volunteer roles and responsibilities include the following:

       Committee members will meet bi-monthly for a total of 6 meetings per year

       Committee Chairs attend Executive Committee meetings bi-monthly to provide committee updates

       Committee members are encouraged to attend Executive Committee meetings, but not mandatory

       Committee members should be prepared to volunteer 4-6 hours per month that may include a committee meeting and development/coordination of deliverables; some deliverables may need additional time.

Business Committee

The Business Committee supports the Executive Committee’s fiduciary oversight and planning of nearterm and long-term projects. Additionally, the committee supports ASLA members, events, and activities through donor appreciation activities, corporate sponsorship, and ongoing donations. Annual activities and deliverables may include:

       Finance and Budget Oversight

       Sponsorship Package Development

       Sponsorship Coordination

       Collaboration with Programs Committee for Sponsored Events

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee organizes annual programs and envisions and hosts annual events that support the Chapter and members. Annual programs and events may include:

       Professional / Student Awards

       Continuing Education (In person and Virtual)

       Annual Chapter Conference / Regional Conference

Member Support Committee

The Member Support Committee supports the Chapter by identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs. Additionally, the committee will recognize and uplift members throughout the many stages of their careers. Annual activities may include:

       Council of Fellows Nominations

       Emerging Professionals Outreach

       General Membership Outreach

       Onboarding and Welcoming New Members

       Identifying Nonmember Needs/Perceptions and Increasing Members

Outreach & Engagement Committee

The Outreach & Engagement Committee reviews and offers feedback for promoting engagement with youth, current landscape architecture students, and the community-at-large. The committee supports the Chapter by creating new engagement opportunities that may include:

       K-12 Outreach

       University Landscape Architecture Program Outreach

       Society Initiatives (i.e., Invasive Species, Climate Action Plan)

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee supports internal and external communications of the Chapter and promotes the landscape architecture profession throughout the Commonwealth. Annual activities and deliverables may include:

       Community Outreach

       Webpage Development

       Newsletter and Social Media Content

       Toolkits and Member Resources

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